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Landmine Attachment

Landmine Attachment

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Mounting Trax

Build your core, mobility and strength with the StackTrax Landmine.

The first wall mounted detachable Landmine post! Lock in the Landmine to any StackTrax Mount with the Locking Pin for a portable, safe, versatile and space saving weight training tool. 

Mounting Trax can be installed in a wood stud, concrete, brick, metal post, various racks or our Stack & Portable Stack. Hardware included for wood installs.


1 Landmine Attachment

1 Locking Pin

**If you don't already have a Mounting Trax, you will need to add one to your purchase ($30). Mounts come with hardware to install into a wood stud. 


STACKTRAX CONNECTION: With a simple pull of the pin, the Landmine is releasable so you can adjust heights, location or simply store away. StackTrax Mounting Trax are universal and fit all other StackTrax Fitness attachments.

VERSATILE: Add a strength training tool to places you never thought you could! Install multiple mounts, at different heights, indoors and out to create new training environments.

HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Made out of Steel with a 300 pound weight capacity. MADE IN THE USA.


Weight: 8 pounds

Sleeve Length: 9 inches

Diameter Of Sleeve: 2.25 inches (fits a 2” Olympic Barbell)


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

After you receive any StackTrax products and are not 100% satisfied, you have the ability to return your products no questions asked. We want to ensure every customer is happy with their purchase and if not, they are able to organize a return worry-free!

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You will receive your product by UPS in 2-6 business days. We offer Free US shipping to the lower 48 states on all orders over $150. Orders outside the United States and lower 48 states may be subject to additional duties and fees.

Return Policy

All StackTrax products may be returned within 30 days of delivery. Items need to be in the original packaging. Contact us at to start a return.

Important Install Instructions

StackTrax mounts need to be installed on a flat, solid surface. If installing our Single Mounts on drywall into a stud, we highly recommend using a stringer board to add security to your wall. Build a stringer board and watch our install videos.

For concrete, we recommend using Vibration-Resistant Stud Anchor for Concrete 3/8" Diameter, 2-3/4" Long.

Customer Reviews

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The First Detachable Fitness System

StackTrax creates a mounting station for releasable and portable fitness attachments.


With StackTrax Exercise Basics

Pull Ups

Lock the Multi-Bar on hightraxfor pull-ups, dead hangs or core. Modify your pull-ups by bringing it to the middletrax for seated pull-ups and body weight rows.

Resistance Band Training

Attach your resistance bands to the Handle Anchor at the high, medium and low Mount for hundreds of resistance training exercises.

Body Weight Dips

Bring the Multi-Bar to the low Mounting Trax to perform dips to get the proper angle for the shoulders and fuller range of motion throughout the movement. 

Incline Push Ups

Attach the Multi-Bar to either the middle or lower Mounting Trax to maximize your pull-up progressions. Minimize wrist pain, get full range of motion and increase your strength by using the Multi-Bar to progress your push-ups. Flip the Multi-Bar in the downward position to add another level of difficulty! 

Assisted Lunges

Attach the Multi-Bar to the middle Mounting Trax to use as an assisted balance bar for lower body exercises. Using the Multi-Bar to stabilize your body, you can get full range of motion and have proper form for lunges and other lower body exercises. 

Mounting Options

In addition to a wall stud, StackTrax can also be mounted to concrete, cinder block, wood posts, metal posts, or various gym racks.

Hardware included for wood/tree only. We recommend using a Tapcon Concrete Anchors.