We are certified strength and conditioning coaches with over 30 years collectively in the health and fitness industry. Like many other business owners, the pandemic forced us to pivot from in person coaching to online virtual coaching.

We realized very quickly that there were many limitations and restrictions when it came to programming workouts at home. Everyone had different equipment and workout spaces, there was no setup that made it adaptable to coach to a group.

When we recognized that this pandemic wasn’t going away and this was going to be a more permanent way of training, we knew we had to get creative to continue to make working out at home a better experience. 

We saw the need to create a fitness tool and training setup that was massively versatile, took up minimal space, and was affordable.

With StackTrax, and future line of fitness attachments, this tool will motivate more people to move and change the way we all lock-in our fitness at home and beyond.

StackTrax's Mission

StackTrax was created to provide a convenient training solution for all fitness levels. Every day is a chance to get better, whether that change is big or small. Our goal is to get people moving more to lead a happier and healthier life.

StackTrax is working to bring fitness to everyone, one Trax at a time.

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