Train Together At Home

Create a training environment at home that brings the whole family together. Encourage a healthy lifestyle by bringing fitness to everyones level.

  • Adjustable Heights

    With StackTrax releasable technology, you can now accommodate everyone in the family. Adjust the height of your fitness equipment to modify exercises for all fitness levels and ages.

  • Kid Friendly & Safe

    Easy to use and change out attachments. No more worrying about your kids using equipment when you're not around. Now you can detach after use and store away.

  • Build Confidence

    Our portable fitness attachments allow you to train anywhere there is a mount. Train in the privacy of any room! Encourage your kids to train on their own by adding a mount to their room.


Customize your training space with a modular system that is versatile, safe, easy to use, space saving, and created with a superior design to add value to every training area you have or plan to create in your home.

  • "We Love StackTrax!"

    "It has allowed me to set a great example for my kids. The pull-up bar can be set to different heights for my kids so they can feel empowered too. "

    -Ashlee R.

  • "The Kids Love It"

    "I have never seen my kids love to exercise more than I have when we put Stacktrax in our gym. I am no longer worried about pinched fingers in my gym. I can remove the attachments when I am not there."

    -Cindi F

  • "Must Have For Family!"

    This has completely changed the meaning of family time. I get to be healthy with my family and spend time with them. This is a must have for anyone who wants to encourage their family to be strong and healthy.

    -Jack M.

  • "The Best Motivator!"

    "My kids think this is the best! They are starting to encourage me to workout more!!"

    -Lisa G.

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Make Training Fun & Simple

Encourage young athletes to want to move more by adding variety to how they can train. Our Starter Kit is equipped with body weight training basics that will make training safe, fun and simple for your family.

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Train Together

A family that trains together, stays together! Set a good example for your family by spending time training together. With a variety of attachments and their adjustability, there are hundreds of exercises that will keep everyone motivated at their own pace.

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