The Revolutionary Modular Training System

Maximize your workout space at home & in your training facilities with StackTrax

Space Saving Blueprint

Space Saving Blueprint


  • Sleek, clutter free, no catch anchor
  • Takes up zero floor space
  • Lightweight and easy to modify
  • Easy to install and use
Extreme Versatility

Extreme Versatility


  • Quickly move from a high, medium and low anchor point heights,
    indoors and out for all your training needs
  • Developed by experienced certified trainers who understand
    your training needs
  • Various attachments for endless exercise
    options and workout programs
Superior Design

Superior Design


  • NASA grade materials (heat treated high carbon steel material)
  • Patented lock & releasable technology
  • Easy to use, switch out attachments in seconds
  • Multi-functional and multi-surface usage

Why People Love StackTrax

It has allowed me to set a great example for my kids. The pull-up bar can be set to different heights for my kids so they can feel empowered too.


StackTrax brings so much variety into my workouts with all the attachments. It takes up no space so I can workout in my office.


I love being able to bring my workouts from inside to outside! Each attachment is really versatile.


It has allowed me to set a great example for my kids. The pull-up bar can be set to different heights for my kids so they can feel empowered too.


Easy Set Up

Drill Into Wall With Stud

Drill Into Wall With Stud

Find the desired height where you would like to install your Mounting Trax. Using a Stud Finder, mark the center of the stud. Pre-drill the holes where the Mounting Trax will be using 1/4-inch drill bit.

Secure Mount To The Wall

Secure Mount To The Wall

Using the lag screws, washers and hex bolt drill bit provided, screw the bolt with the washer attached into the wall with your drill or rachet.

Hook In Your Attachment

Hook In Your Attachment

Insert the connecting end of the attachment into the slot of the Mounting Trax. Push the attachment all the way into the Mounting Trax and slide the Locking Pin through the Mounting Trax and the attachment to secure.

Exchange For Different Attachment

Exchange For Different Attachment

Hold onto the attachment as you remove the Locking Pin and pull the attachment out of the Mounting Trax. Replace with the Handle Anchor attachment or other ST attachments the same way.

Solo Mounts

Solo Mounts

Mount them individually to multiple surfaces and heights to create versatility in how and where you train.
  • Great for light commercial & home gym settings
  • Get more from your anchor point with thousands of exercise options
  • Easy install, easy to use
  • Strong multi-surface anchoring option (wood, concrete, metal or brick)

The Stack

The Stack

Maximize your facility's wall space and floor plan by creating station based training.
  • Great for commercial gyms, studios, & athletic performance centers
  • Save space and stay clutter free with all your training tools in one stack
  • Six anchor heights for thousands of exercise variations and modifications
  • Systemize your training programs
STR Tower

STR Tower

Maximize your floor space with our stand alone Training Station.
  • Training station for group classes and 1:1 personal training
  • Anchor points on all 4 sides (16 total anchor points)
  • Customize your attachments and set-up
  • Installs into concrete flooring

See It In Action

The Portable Stack

The Portable Stack

Lightweight, heavy duty portable training station to bring your workouts anywhere!
  • Great for mobile communities and outdoor training
  • Fits into most vehicles
  • No drilling required, assembles in 2 minutes
  • Holds up to 5 people at the same time
  • Twelve attachment points for endless exercise variations

Mounting Options

Wood Studs


ST Portable Stand

Metal Posts

Tree or Wood

Boston's Best


We are certified strength and conditioning coaches with over 30 years collectively in the health and fitness industry. Like many other business owners, the pandemic forced us to pivot from in person coaching to online virtual coaching.

We realized very quickly that there were many limitations and restrictions when it came to programming workouts at home. Everyone had different equipment and workout spaces, there was no setup that made it adaptable to coach to a group.

When we recognized that this pandemic wasn’t going away and this was going to be a more permanent way of training, we knew we had to get creative to continue to make working out at home a better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What makes StackTrax so unique?

StackTrax is a patented anchoring system that is reinventing the way we look at fitness equipment to be multi-purposed, less bulky, space saving, convenient, versatile, and cost effective. It is the first line of fitness equipment that creates a mounting station for releasable and portable fitness attachments.

How much weight can StackTrax equipment hold?

Click here to view our detailed installation instructions: StackTrax Owners Manual

Where can StackTrax be installed?

StackTrax is a multi-surface mounting solution. We provide hardware for StackTrax to be installed into Wood (or a wood stud behind drywall). You can also install our mounts into concrete, brick, steel beams, and racks.

Who is StackTrax for?

StackTrax was created for anyone looking to maximize their workout space with a cost effective set up that also provides versatility in functionality. We specifically designed this system to accommodate all fitness levels from beginners who just started exercising, to recovering rehab patients, to division 1 athletes looking to improve their game.

Can kids use StackTrax?

Kids love StackTrax and we highly recommend using this tool for not only yourself, but your entire family. This tool can be a huge confidence booster for your kids, allowing them to have fun while moving their body and challenging themselves with different movements. Like any other fitness equipment, a child must be accompanied by an adult when in use to ensure safety and proper use. 

Why is StackTrax beneficial for my training?

StackTrax offers hundreds of progressions and regressions of total body movements so that you will always have variety in your training no matter what level of fitness you are at. When set up in a high, medium, low setting, one fitness fitting can provide hundreds of exercises that can improve all areas of fitness including, strength, balance, stability, speed, agility, coordination, core, cardio, and flexibility. No matter what your goals are at any point in your life, StackTrax can accommodate your needs.

Do you offer workouts I can do with StackTrax?

We offer free programming with all purchases of StackTrax. We also provide additional workouts, challenges and new exercises to try with your StackTrax on our social media platforms: Instagram, and YouTube. Join our newsletter to stay up to date with our free programming!

Should I install a stringer board?

If you want to have the security of reenforcing your walls, we recommend putting up a stringer board or getting ourStack. The stringer board gives an extra layer of security to your walls. The StackTrax products have been professionally tested multiple times to ensure its high quality standard and weight capacity. However, all walls have different strength limits and it is at the discretion of the customer to ensure it is installed properly. See our StackTrax Manual orYouTube Install Videosfor how to create a stringer board for your StackTrax set up. There are many creative ways to make stringer boards look sleek and eye catching!