Get More From Your Equipment.

The minimal footprint design of StackTrax means you can maximize your floor plan and add new fitness attachments to build your gym without requiring more space.

  • Gyms & Clinics

    StackTrax gives small studios big opportunities to serve more clients while saving space. Maximize your floor plan, while systemizing your coaching to grow your business.

  • Personal Trainers

    StackTrax creates station based training with an easy set up allowing for simple transitions to accommodate progressions and regressions for all training levels.

  • Mobile Gyms & Outdoor Training

    The StackTrax Portable Stack will support all of your training needs for small groups and on the go training.

StackTrax Review With Coach Dan Palacios

  • BayState PT Southend

    I just opened up a new PT clinic and thought StackTrax were just easy-to-use anchors that also looked nice, yet I was pleasantly surprised to see how much StackTrax benefits our patients and staff. Each attachment takes functional training to the next level and the system is extremely versatile. We use them every session, from balance and squat training to dynamic strengthening and return to sport tasks! Highly recommend working with Lindsey and Anthony and their StackTrax team!

    -Justine (@bspt_southend)

  • Bodies By Colotti - New York

    "StackTrax Fitness has been a game changer for my fitness studio. When it comes to space saving, this is the equipment you need. There is literally thousancds of exercises you can do with this equipment. This is the best piece of fitness equipment I have bought in years."

    -Julie C (IG: @Bodiesbycolotti)

  • Gainzzz Sports Performance - Texas

    "Me and all my clients love the multi-functionality of the StackTrax Fitness setup. I utilize this setup as a one stop shop on some training days. From pull-ups, lat pull-downs to more explosive movements. Its a must for any gym or studio!"

    - Joey (IG: @joeyhadnot)

  • Ellen's Studio 35- Colorado

    I am a personal trainer and built a gym in my basement to train clients. Using StackTrax has been so convinient for my set up. I train a variety of clients and am able to accomodate all levels. Highly recommend this equipment for any small gyms that want to add more versatility to their space.


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