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The Multi-Bar Attachment

The Multi-Bar Attachment

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No need to ruin your door frames anymore! The StackTrax Multi-bar is a detachable pull-up bar with a small blueprint. With its releasable technology, you can attach and detach it to the ST wall mount adapter in seconds, making your workouts at home effective and non-evasive. Install your StackTrax wall mount adapters to a wooden stud, concrete, brick, or metal frames.

Mount Trax at top for: Pull-ups, Hanging Knee Lifts, Anchor for bands & suspension trainer
Mount Trax at middle for: Balance bar, Stretch Bar, Assisted Squats, Lunges, Seated Pull-ups, Modified Push-ups, Modified Muscle Ups, Anchor for bands & suspension trainer
Mount Trax at lower for: Toe-Lock Sit-ups, Push-ups, Stretch Bar, Dips, Rear Foot Elevated, Modified Plank, Anchor for bands 
**Get Additional Mounting Trax to use the Multi-Bar at all three heights!**


1 Multi-Bar
1 Mounting Trax
1 Locking Pin

STACKTRAX CONNECTION: With a simple pull of the pin, the Pull-up bar is releasable so you can adjust heights, location or simply store away. StackTrax Mounting Trax are universal and fit all other StackTrax Fitness attachments.
VERSATILE: Can transform into a balance bar if attached to a mount at hip height or a core toe lock at ankle height. Add more mounts for more versatility in exercises.
BUILT IN SLOT FOR CARABINER: Clip in carabiner underneath the bar to add resistance bands, suspension trainer, ropes, straps etc. Fits up to a 2 inch carabiner
HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Made with Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel for a 300 pound weight capacity  
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Easy To Use The StackTrax System!

Easy To Use The StackTrax System!

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