Calling all OCR Racers and Fitness Enthusiasts!!

Have you just committed to a race and now completely regretting that decision because you have no idea how to get ready for your first race?

First of all, congratulations!

Committing to a race is the hardest part.. you are now part of a crew that is helping 100 million people get ripped off the couch.. pretty awesome right?

Now its time to get to work. No need to be overwhelmed.. it’s pretty simple.

Start by reviewing and dowloading any or all of the guides below. Each one is packed with specific exercises, insights and tips to help you dominate even the hardest courses.

And if you need more information or guidance, always know StackTrax Fitness is here to help you along your journey. So reachout, follow and subscribe for more helpful tips and tricks.

Stay Happy and Healthy,

Lindsey and Anthony
Co-Owners of StackTrax Fitness
Strategic Fitness and Lifestyle Peformance Coaches

Get All Your Fitness and Training Guides Here

  • Spartan OCR Training Guide

    Get over that wall. Climb that rope. Master all the obstacles that are in your way with this OCR Training Guide.

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  • OCR Peak Week Guide

    Get a detailed 7-day guide on how to peak for your race. Perform your best on race day. Learn how with this guide.

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  • Stacked Up Cookbook

    Nutrition is key to everyone's success. Stack up your nutrition today with the 4th edition of our classic full page cookbook.

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  • StackTrax Ultimate Training Guide

    The Ultimate Training Guide

    If you are a coach or client, this guide will teach you what you need to build one amazing training program time and time again.

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  • How To Eat By The Clock

    The secret to fueling your body for performance or weightloss is seen when you understand your food timing and structure. Download this secret nutrition sheet to unlock your nutrition time clock.

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